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August 31, 2006     Press-News Journal
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August 31, 2006

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lllJtHl'miipilrwmmm'~ = "-" ,~ ." -" T " - " " 'i/ be used for that purpose. NOTICE OF r~,l Palmyra; a si~ter, Debra Kend~ i TRUSTEE SALE / Bea~. - rick and husband, Norman, Ew- Public Notices lstpub Aug. 24,2 4t For default in the payment Iing, Mo his close friend, Sara "il Protecling your rightto know -- DARIN MILLER " NOTICE OF .of debt secured by Deed of Trust. Bainter, Palmyra -"areFiduciary"; rson's Allnotified creditors interest,t file fclaims ifsaid decedent any, in c court was to the highest bidder for cash: pIent determined records (12),mailed Tas oneCessanly of wnship more this or from served,estate sixty fully the haSin (60) whichev- files described athe benefi- north,Pr - and building.than thirtyEXCept (30) days;that or this ordi- Bentonville, Ark are parents of ter Roberts,Dann Douglas 91, Grandview,Miller' 36, I Survivors " executed by Harold Phillip Me- Also surviving are nephews rmmyra, ~vnssoun, men august ". " . . number(s) is(are); Christopher TRUSTEE'S SALE gee, a single person, dated Jann- and meces, Amanda Wosman z J, zt o, in tianmoaJ Keglonm . "i- IN THE SECOND D. Schuering, 506 Vermont For default in the payment of ary 14, 2004, recorded on Janu- tiospltai in tianmDal irom lnju- T ' "" JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Street, Quincy, Ill. 62301. debt secured by a Deed of Trust and husband, Brian, Palmyra; ary 20, 2004 as Document No Jesslca ~umette ann nuseano, nes sustamea in a motorcycle t.: COURT OF " All creditors" " of said" dece- executed by Roger Licht and 200400036391 in Book 501, Brandon, Palmyra; Carla Mey- acoflem. -o ~.LEWISsouRICOUNTY,PROBATEMIS- oeni" are nouned to me clmmsRenata Licht, husband and wife, Page 2367, Office of the Re- ers and husband, Doug, Pal- Dora uctooer iz, l~V, in . . ~!,! DIVISION in court within six months from datedthe l st day of March, 2004, corder of Deeds, Lewis County, ^ .t.^, ,~ r ,-,^, myra; JacKle Mct rlnness ann HdiMgtJi~M, LVIU Ul~ 3UII Ol L/Ell . . ":': " the date of the first publication and recorded on April 14, 2004, Missouri, at Lafayette, the tin- . husband, Jatme, Overland Park, In the Estate of ) Case No. J. Nflner ano ratsy acnwanKe . . Mai'ian J Walter) 06LE- of this notice or if a copy of this in Book 50 1, at page 4723, in the dersigned Successor Trustee Kansas; Clinton Miller, Palmy- ;;:- Deceased) PR00053' noiic was mailed to, or served office of Recorder of Deeds in will on Friday, September 22, NnlIeL ra; Jocey Bennett and husband, tie worKeo as ~t ialnte- ': Notice of Letters of Admin- aport, such creditor by the per- and for Lewis County, Missouri, 2006, at 1:00 p.m at the North .r .a. :^: r x,-, Ross, Kansas City, Mo.; Andrea ~slm tion Granted Supervised sonal representative, then with- at Monticello, Missouri, the un- Front Door of the Lewis County .umt~c IVA.;lllllg;ldll IO1 tlltUll 1g;t Copenhaver and husband, Mi- in Palmyra. He was a member ~dmiuistration - Non-Resident in two months from the date it der-signed Trustee will on Mon- Courthouse, One Courthouse chael, Cameron, N.C.; and Ju- OI ~O11(1 KocK tsaplast Claurcn In . lie Ginos, and husband, Alex, day, the llth day of September, Square, Lafayette Street, in tianmDai, tie recenuy oecame 2006, between the hours of 9:00 Monticello, Lewis County, Mis- - Springfield, Mo i} ~'--,'l~~4,~tT l All Pers ns Interested in ' erpeirSs loantes rin t rerbe es f t, irfeVean ry. bcarran edbe. Public Road which runs along of the conflict with incon- Bentonville,Lucas. GrandparentsArk" He weighedare Joe enjoyeda memberShe andquilting, fherthehusbandembroidering,First 15aptiStfarmed Ii journalto" also the Estate of Marian J. Walter, to the fullest extent permissible o'clock a.m. and 5:00 o clock Souri, sell at public vendue to the . He is also survived by his Decedent: p.m more specifically at 1:00 Church m Palmyra. He was a . oy law. ~ucn six-munro penoa on 11 August, 2006, the o'clock p.m at the North front highest bidder for cash: memoer" oi': me rl~ vaaers in aunts', uncles, cousins, and : f l[,bel n Wefiinci gal i in ntedireVs it dunlin (sth)e es Wtaaste" ann dox sthucw hesttW fo-mur thnthof Pethne dnodr oth door of the Lewis County Court- All of lots one (1) and two (2) Hanmbal' and the MC Bikers" for Inenus'annoucen,l, ent. include not extend the limi-tation pc- in block ten (10) in the original He was preceded in death by (were) appointed the personal Christ in wentzvihe, Mo. representative(s) of the es- riod that would bar clm,'ms one house in Monticello, Missouri, townofMonticello, Lewis Coun- tie" was a hunter" and loved his father, Carl J. Miller and by tate of Marian J. Walter, dece- year after the decedent s death, sell at public vendue, to the ty, excepting a strip of ground two brothers, Carl Dean Miller nalng motorcycles ann racea dent, by the Probate Division as provided in Section 473.444, highest bidder for cash: " six (6) feet wide along the entire mem lor years. He also raced '.1:~ the Circuit Court of Lewis RSMo, or any other applicable All of Lots One (1) and Two and Dana Mathew Miller. Motocross. tie iovea oelng wire ~ounty, Missouri; The personal limitation periods. Nothing in (2) in Block Three (3), except landS Uthdescribedside thereofasalsO,follows:a traCtBe Of 26,Funeral2006, serviCeSat GrandwereviewAUgUStFu- ms sons. . . ~r~p~esentative s(s ) business Section 473.033, RSMo, shall the West ten (10) feet of Lot ginning at the south-east comer neral Home in Hanmbal. Rev. ~UrVlVOrS lnCluue ms sons, . . . ,address(es) and phone number(s) .:]. be construed to bar any action Two (2) in Jones Addition to of lot five (5) in block ten(10) in . Dnane Smder officiated Burial Avery Michael Miller, eight and :!s[,are): against a decedent's liability the Town, now City of Canton, the original town of Monticello was in Grand View Burial Park i ; Jeffrey A. Walter, 1607 N Lewis County, Missouri. . ' In Hanmbal. :, ', insurance career mrougn a ae- Lewis County, Missouri, thence aumson L~ougIas Miner, rive . . applewooa Lane, apnng prove, to satisfy said debt and costs. . Memorials may be mane to Ill 60081 fendant ad htem pursuant to west along the south line of said of the home, their mother, Char- . nell Miller, r'atmyra; a oromer, ~" -,-- ~ Section 537 021, RSMo is, DenmsW. Smith lot five (5) a distance of fifty (50) the Darin D. Miller Memorial Jne personatrepresen- .: ~VUCKey Nllller ano Wile, L~NS, tative's(s') attomey's(s') Date of the decedent s death: Dennis W. Smith, Trustee feet, thence running north eighty tuna lor ms sons eoucauon. name(s), business addressees) 25-Aug. 2005. (80) feet, thence east fifty (50) Tl]ELMA ROBERTS Dylan, Preston, Devin and Por- ~ and phone number(s) is(are): 1st PUb. August 17, 2006 4t '~ feet parallel with the south line ~, Jan ~eisenaoner Thelma Maurine Van Me-cha. LJenms w. ~num, r.u. J~ox JoB, ~ ~ of lot five (5), to the west edge ~ton, Mo. 63435-0308 Clerk a ,'The non-resident personal Receipt of this notice by mail ORDINANCE NUMBER 498 of the twelve (12) foot aUey nm- Mo died August 23, 2006, at brother Raymond Van Meter, uing through said block ten (10) her daughter's home in Olathe, Lewistown; sisters-in-law, Sarah representative s(s ) designat " - should not be construed by the ed agent's(s') name(s), busl i - recipient to indicate that the re- AN ORDINANCE OF THE in a northerly and southerly di- Kan. Van Meter, Mary Sue Van Meter hess address(es), and phone. . . CITY OF LAGRANGE, rection, thence continuing south III Bum December 16, 1914, toand Kathleen Van Meter. numoer(s) is(are): Denms w MISSOURI RESTRICTING along the west line of the afore- William and Corn Bangert Van She was preceded in 1,eath by clal interest In the estate, said twelve (12) foot alley to the ~num, t~.u. t~ox ~o~, Lanton, LOCATION OF MOBILE southeast comer of lot five (5), Meter in Lewistown, Mo. As her husband, MadisonB Boots l!i o 63435 0308, 573 288 The nature and extent of any HOMES AND MODULAR being the point of beginning; ,M' - - - -,one of twelve children, she was Roberts; brothers, John, Russell, i! .~i BUILDINGS raised and attended school in Farrell, Virgil Henry and Olin, i WHEREAS. the unre-strict- to satisfy said debt and costs. Lewistown. She moved to Kan- and sisters, Hazel Morriss, Ber- I .within six months from the date bate Division of the above ref- ed development or place-ment ML & L Foreclosure Services, sas City in 1934 as a cosmetolo- tie Logan, Fern Van Meter, Faye ~ol~ the first publication of this no- erenced Circuit Court of mobile homes and modular Inc. gist and owned a beauty salon Pritchett and Oneva Hayes. rice or if a copy of this notice buildings will be detrimental to Successor Trustee until 1951 She was a mem- Services were on August Ill was mailed to, or served upon, 1st PUb. August 24, 2006 4t the public health, safety, corn- Berry E Laws III, President ber of the Grandview Baptist 26, 2006, at the McGilley and ii is~tch creditor by the personal ~ fort, peace and welfare of the (816) 221-1430 i l . . Church. She was past president George Funeral Home in Grand- i ,rgpresentatlve, then wtthin two NOTICE OF citizens of the City of LaGrange, of the Grandview Lioness She view, Mo. 'mOnths from the date it was,Missouri; and enjoyed playing bridge, bowl- Cremation rites were ac- . TRUSTEE S SALE maaled or served, whichever WHEREAS, the unrestrict- (Mcgee, 3506.139) .::, for aeiault in me payment ing and spending time with her corded. I ,IS later, or De iorever Darted to d-. of debt secured by Deed of Trust ed development or placement grandkids. . Graveside service will be >me Imlest extent permissible " She is survived by one September 2 at 4:00 p.m. at the ~' - ~ executed by Leonard Weertsof mobile homes and modu- ML&LForeclosure service, Inc i by taw. aucn six-mourn penoa ~ . i ~d such two month ,~riod' do and Amy Lynn'Weerts, husband lar buildings negatively affect as successor Trustee, is attempt- daughter, Mona Lisa Stoker, Lewistown, ,Missouri, Cem- ing to collect a debt and any in- ~.~ ' I"" . I ' [~gt'extend the limitation'p~riokl and wife, dated At~il 19, 2000; i.he property values of adjacent -~' ~v:.< e, ~;, " -' Olathe, Kan.; three grandchil- etery. ' '~ ,!fl~at would bar clai,ms one year recorded on April 27, 2000 in Pr 13erties" " formation obtained will be used dren, Stacey and Chris Me- The family suggest memori- 0f'ter the decedent s death, as Book 428 at Page 290, Office NOW THEREFORE BE IT for that purposel Cullough, Olathe, Kan.; Shane als to The American Cancer So- . pr,oyided in Section 473.444, of the Recorder of Deeds, Lewis ORDAINED BY THE CITY 1st Pub. August 31, 2006 4t and Beth Stoker, Gardner, Kan.; ciety P.O. Box 81, Grahdview, I ~SM ' rany therapp!icab}elxlmtatlon periods Nothingin County, Missouri, at Monticel- COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF [ Birth ] and ShawnandStachiaStoker, Mo. 64030 or Heartland Hos- ,:.- 1o, the undersigned Successor LAGRANGE, MISSOURI, AS ~ Prairie Village, Kan.; six great pice 413 Division St. Kansas S#ction 473 033, RSMo, shall " Trustee will on Friday, Septem- FOLLOWS: Kara and Ryan Ruffcom,grandchildren, Zachery, Taylor; City, Kan. 66103. ' Ix~ Construed. . . to. bar, anY, acti n. per 13, ztmo, at j:tm p.m at me SECTION 580.035: LOCA- Canton, Mo are parents of a FREDA LUCILLE LOWE Services were held on Au- .~'iagmnst a deceaent s naonity in- z,~orm" front Door oi me Lewis TION OF MOBILE HOMES daughter, bum Thursday, August Freda Lucille Lowe, 96, of gust 28, 2006, in the Coder Fu- surance carrier mrougn a aeIen- County Courthouse, One Court AND MODULAR BUILD- 10, 2006 at Hannibal Regional dant adlitem pursuant to Section - LaBelle, Mo died August 23, neral Chapel with Rev. Allen ,b~37.021, RSMo. house Square, Lafayette Street, INGS ',~i,in Monticello, Lewis County, Any mobile home or modu- Hospital in Hannibal, Mo. She 2006, in the LaBelle ManorDavidson officiating Burial weighed seven pounds, fourteen Care Center. was in the South Bethel Cem- .'[Date. of the decedent s death'. 28 xussoun, sen al puouc venuue lar building shall be located on ounces, and has been named Al- ilApnl2006. ' alot with minimum dimensions BomApril 5, 1910, inrural eterynorth ofRutledge, Mo. '.t)'s Jan Geisendoffer All that parcel of land inof sixty (60)feet by one hundred lie Lee. Grandparents are Jerry Scotland County, Mo she wasMemorials may be made I ilClerk Lewis County, State of Mis- twenty (120) feet per home or and Cindy Ruffcom, CedarRap- a daughter of Fred and Essie to the South Bethel Cemetery ids, Iowa; Jetty and Craig Call Matlick McPherson. She mar- Asso. and may be left at or ', i'. Receipt of this notice by SOUli, vert, Carthage, Ill.; and Keith ried Arthur Lowe on October 1, mailed to the Coder Funeral ,imail' should not be construed in deed book 356, page 17, ID# nance shall not apply to mobile McMillen, Carthage, Ill Great 1929. Chapel, EO. Box 151, LaBelle, !~by the recipient to indicate that 07-60-00029, being known and homes or modular buildingsgrandparents are Jay and Loa She attended South Liberty Mo. 63447. 'tthe reci ient necessarily has a designated as all that part of the which: 'I P A. Are located on a lot for Vest, Keokuk; and Marie Clark, grade school in Scotland Co. and ] :~he nature and extent of any east quarter of Section twelve temporary purposes of no more Carthage, I11. graduated from Rutledge High i ] : . . Josh anti~'IVlissy Dodds of School as class valedictorian. I -- I New mothers I I i~l~tcrmined from the files and re- Range seven (7) West, that lies B. Are located on a lot for I I ~" " " t " - - a son, born August 8, 2006, at in Scotland Co. from 1931 un- [ are encouraged I cords of this estate In the Proba e construction pur-poses only, and ~orthwest Regional Hospital in til 1986. She was a member of I ',I i ,r ; . on me west sloe oi me r~orm lrnvaslon Ol me above relerencea ~ are re-moved upon completion to contact the .~." l~aolus l, uver aug aoum oI me I C.frcmt Court the Rutledge Christian Church I I eight pounds and ten princes and the Rut!edge Chapter #343 I Press-News I ~stPub. Aug. 17, 2006 4t the North part of said forty ORDINANCES IN CON- I/ 7: acres, excepting therefrom five FLICT: All Ordinances or parts and has been named MatthewOrder of the Eastern Star. She I . I I IN THE 2ND JUDICIAL (5) acres, more or less, off the thereof or,| ![ ~" CIRCUIT COURT OF south end of the above described sistent with the terms of this Or- and Diane Jorgensen, Can- crocheting and raising flowers. I report the birth I ton; Tom and Cindy Gendron, She is survived by three daugh- I I tract reviousl conve edb the LEWIS COUNTY, MO p y y y . dinance are hereby repealed. '~ JUDGE grantor herein to W-yne Leonard~ FULL FORCE AND EF- Pinckneyville, Ill.; and Russell ters: Betty Hudson, Frankfort, [ I FECT: This Ordinance shall be and Terri Dodds, Patillion, Neb. Ind.; Carol Bartels and husband, I information. I :~ FREDpRoBATEL. WESTHOFF,DIVISION SwensOnhusband andand wifeJUdithby SwensOn,warranty in full force and effect fro,m and Great grandparents are Martin EmesL Toronto, Ohio; Virginia 'l ~77 9RR ~R~',~ 'l I ~n the Estate of deed dated October 22, 1971, after a copy of the proposed Or- and Diane Ambrozi, St. Joseph, Happel and husband, Marvin, | -,vv- I !l '~ CaseNo filed for record November 1, dinance has been made available Mo.; Marty Day, Eldorado, Palmyra; one son, John Lowe [ Canton I ~narles E~awam) . . ": Dude IID 06LE- 1971, m Book 271, at Page 696, to the general public by posting Kan.; Gene and Talli Kaiser, and wife, Kathy, LaBelle. [ [ . ' " Deceased) PR00054 " in the office of the Recorder of a copy thereof in the City Office, Omaha, Neb.; and Helen Gen- Also surviving are nine grand,| ~hilce of Letters of Admini- Deeds in and for Lewis Cotmty, 118 S. Main Street, LaCrrange, dron, Cutler, Ill. children, sixteen great-grand- u,'a'm II~J~AH'IP~I~ Missouri stration Granted (Supervised Missouri, after it has been read Chelsey Stokes and Eric children, and twenty-four great- n,=--r v~a-t~ ~ ,=~ ~dministration Less and except that portion by title two (2) times before the Ragar of Mackinaw, Ill are great-grandchildren, one sister, e of property as set forth in Book I ~o All Persons Interested in th City Council of the City ,of La- parents of a son, bum August Elaine Balfour, Indianapolis, ! DRIVERS ," I OTRs needed! $.36-$.40/ i " 418, Page 208 Recorded 08-25- Grange, Missouri, and after it 9, 2006 at St. Francis Hospi- Ind ; and nieces and nephews Estate of Charles Edward Dude,mile. Great benefits. l~I Decedent" 1999, Lewis County Records. has been approved by the Mayor tal in Peoria, !11. He weighed She was preceded in aeam I CDL-A " ' On 22 A":u-2"006, the folLess and except that portion of the City of LaGrange, Mis- seven pounds/and ten ounces by her husband; brothers, Rob- ~ D %" ;' g" - and has been named Chase Ed- eft and Jack McPherson and one lb~ving individual(s) was of property as ~t for~ I nBook souri, a ierrect, ~racts. welcome: ward. Grandparents are Rickin infancy and two sisters, Edna I J ttu~xxe~T~'"l" .~-- ; tu~.T~'" x-1 (were) appointed the personal 4 ~-vage.:c:L~ rR::oir~:v- Adopted this day ~ and Claire Stokes, Mackinaw, MaeandWilmaDeanMcPher- 1800-44a-90 1EEO/AA. 19"3~5, LeWl y representative(s) of the estate of ,20 said debt and costs. Ill.; Linda Klocke and husband son. I wk 34-35 Charles Edward Dude Ill to satisfy ,' ~ Eddie, Lewistown, and Don- I decedent, by the Probate Di i "- NIL & L Foreclosure Services, Mayor, Presiding Officer aid Ragar and wife, Jeanette, vision of the Circuit Court of Inc Congerville, na. Great'grand- INVITATION TO BID I ewis County, Missouri The Successor Trustee Approved this day parents are/Clarence Mitchell, Lewis Co. Water District is soliciting bids for a 37 x 55 rsonal re resentative s(s ) [ P ' Berry E Laws III, President of ,20 . - -- Bennie Stokes, Mackinaw, Ill.; x, 14 foot eaves, wood on steel truss be put on business address(es) and phone [i 816, 221-1430 Merlin and Norma Earlywine, existing foundation at 100 S. Gilead in Ewing, Mo. Bid ber s is are ( )" ( ): Lewistown; Juamta Ragar, Specifications can be obtained at the district office at the ;~ Sherry L Dude, 710 North 5th Mayor,Presiding Officer ~treet, PO Box 241, LaGrange, (Weerts, 3661.105) Deer Creek, Ill.; and step- above address. Written, sealed bids should be delivered to ~}~c; 6"~,l,l,q ML & L Foreclosure Services, ATTEST: great -grandmothers are Janet the office by seven p.m. September 4, 2006. For further I " /~e persona/ representa- Inc as Successor Trustee, is at- Chipman, Ewing, and Naomi Cookson, Quincy. Great-great- information contact Sandra Sparks at (573) 209-3253. The ive's(s') attomey's(s') name(s), tempting to collect a debt and City Clerk District reserves the right to reject any and all bids. usiness address(es)and phone any information obtained will grandmother is Vadis Looney 1st PUb. August 31, 2006 It of Oil Trough, Ark. 1 st Pub. August 24, 2006,2t